The company of "EIKI", EDTKA ITO, S.A. de C.V., was founded in 2000 by Eiki Ito in Leon, Mexico, a city famous for its quality leather shoe production. Eiki came to Leon from Tokyo, Japan in 1975 to fulfil his dream of building a high-performance equestrian show stable.

He began with only two horses and an idea, but now has achieved national and international recognition as a competitive equestrian, breeder, and trainer of high-quality showjumpers. His son follows in his path, quickly achieving success in nationally and internationally ranked showjumping competitions.


We have two product lines, equestrian and western:

The equestrian boot is designed by people who practice the sport, and it’s developed from material selection to esthetic design in order to maximize the sportsman’s performance when they use our boots, always taking care of the beauty of our product, conquering the perfect balance between beauty, elegance and performance.

Our western boots are Eiki Ito Maruyama’s unique pieces of art, printed on leather and made boot, using traditional techniques having as a resulta n unique piece of art wich last forever.

Our product is custom made, we are experts developing product that fit perfeclty in both of our product lines having as a result the best performance and design.

Our address

Monte Aconcagua No. 100, Fracc. Montebello.
León, Guanajuato. MÉXICO • Zipcode 37680.

Phone +52 (477) 772 5661 • Fax +52 (477) 772 6133
Email support@eikishow.com