Every boot is hand made by expert, highly qualified craftsmen that own traditional techniques, inherited from generation to generation through centuries; the quality is verified by Mr. Eiki personally, lookin to reach the highest quality standards in prime matter, manpower and product performance.


Materials are meticulously selected, looking forward the highest quality in our product; being more specific, the equestrian boot is made to maximize the rider performance, always taking care of the esthetics.

Our Custom Made Boots:

We use your personal measures to make a boot that perfectly fits your foot and leg, so you will have the best sensibility when is riding time.

We take care of your feet shape, developing a personal last for best comfort.

You can choose from different boots styles, and you can personalize them by selecting from different colors, leather styles, last shapes, toe caps, cuff style, glued sole or good year welt finished and many other different accessories to make your personal and own boot.

Product Shipping:

We are located in Leon, Mexico. For national and international sales we ship through FEDEX. Within Leon city, Mexico, shipments are free of charge.